Action Alert: Louisiana


Only 27% of Louisianians are protected by smokefree ordinances. Every worker, musician, and citizen of our state deserves the same protection.

Who:  Louisiana bars and gaming venues

What:  Reopening smokefree after the coronavirus quarantine

When:  Immediately upon reopening

Where:  ALL Louisiana businesses

Why:  Louisiana leaders have formed multiple task forces asking for recommendations for Louisiana’s economic recovery as a result of COVID-19. A statewide database is being compiled of recommendations that will be presented to the group for their final report. NOW is the time to reopen ALL Louisiana businesses as smokefree.

ACTION:  Please write the task force members and let them know you support smokefree workplaces. Tell them while we are protecting workers from COVID-19, we should protect EVERY Louisiana worker from deadly secondhand smoke. By doing so, we help save taxpayer dollars and SAVE LIVES. 

75% of our state remains vulnerable to smoking related illnesses due to secondhand smoke exposure.

NOTE: Louisiana currently ranks last in America’s healthcare outcomes. We are one of the top smoking states (per capita) in America, the consequences of which we pay for in tax dollars, chronic illness, and deaths associated with smoking and secondhand smoke exposure.

Unfortunately, Louisiana has a statewide smokefree law protecting some, but not all, Louisiana employees. That law took effect in January of 2007, but it exempts establishments where employees are most exposed to secondhand smoke, including bars, casinos, hotel rooms, nursing homes, veterans' homes, Mardi Gras balls, and more. Since that time, numerous Louisiana municipalities including New Orleans, East Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and others have passed comprehensive ordinances to protect ALL employees from deadly secondhand smoke. Read more about the gaps in smokefree protections for Louisiana.

It’s time for EVERY employee in Louisiana to have a smokefree workplace, and now is the perfect time for Louisiana businesses, including casinos, to go smokefree. PLEASE WRITE AND TELL THEM TO REOPEN ALL LOUISIANA BUSINESSES AS SMOKEFREE! 


Alerts like this one take time and funds. Even $5-10 can help us keep fighting for smokefree air!


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