Musicians for a Smokefree Tennessee have been raising their voices to call for 100% smokefree indoor air–now is our chance to go on record!


Musicians and residents of TN deserve smokefree air.

Smokefree TN Senate Hearing on Tues 3/23!

Contact the Senate Commerce Committee and ask them to

vote YES on SB1024 in support of local action on smokefree air!

This coalition of musicians, public health partners, and businesses has come together to encourage Tennessee to go smokefree inside its music venues and bars. They even have a theme song to inspire you today.

A statewide smokefree law that passed in Tennessee in 2007 still exempts a few remaining workplaces, including age restricted bars, clubs, and music venues. The law also prevents local communities from addressing smoking and e-cigarette use in workplaces and public places. The result is that thousands of Tennesseans remain exposed to toxic secondhand smoke on the job, including the musicians and hospitality workers that bring in millions annually in tourism to the state.

Tennessee communities are primed to take action and the proposed legislation paves the way by removing language that has previously prevented local laws from taking effect for certain cities and counties.  Demand for smokefree air has never been higher, particularly in light of a global pandemic that impacts the respiratory system.  Smoking and secondhand smoke remain leading causes of death and disease. 

Reach out to these leaders and members of the Senate Commerce Committee and tell them to vote YES on SB1024 in support of local action on smokefree air!

Committee Officers:

Paul Bailey
Art Swann
Frank Niceley

Committee Members:

Raumesh Akbari
Jack Johnson
Shane Reeves
Steve Southerland
Bo Watson
Ken Yager


We recommend that you submit comments on Monday,

but messages may be read if sent Tuesday morning, well in advance of the 1pm hearing.


  1. I support SB 1024, which would restore local control so that communities that want to address smokefree laws are allowed to do so.
  2. We should protect our musicians and others working in establishments that currently still allow smoking; let’s help make Tennessee a healthier place to live, work, and play!
  3. I prefer smokefree venues, such as music venues and bars, and would be more likely to go out and stay longer if they were smokefree. I want to hear and SEE the artists, not breathe in secondhand smoke or e-cigarette vapor!
  4. We want to be as safe as possible as we return to indoor dining, drinking, and musical entertainment.  Let’s be sure smokefree is part of that healthy re-opening plan.

For more information on the effort and to get involved



These alerts are a vital component of our lobbying efforts, but they are expensive.  A special donation to ANR earmarked “Action Alerts” will help us keep you informed.Because these contributions support our lobbying activities, they are not tax deductible.. Even $10 can help us keep fighting for smokefree air! 




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